First Milestone (well, almost)

I’m going to go ahead and get the numbers out of the way. That’s what people really want to see anyway, right?

Starting Weight: 233.6
Last Weigh-in: 225.8
Current Weight: 223.8
Difference: -2

Total Weight Lost: 9.8 pounds

The annoying thing about that is that today’s weight is .4 higher than yesterday’s… so yesterday I hit the 10 pounds lost milestone… but I can’t count it because Monday is my official weigh-in day.

And for the measurements, I really didn’t expect to see much change. I didn’t do as much strength training this week (the whole week was really thrown out of whack because of the stupid snow). Note: these are totals, not week to week.

Neck: -.25
Waist: no change
Hips: -1.25
Thighs: -1.75 (both of them together)
Arms: -.75 (both of them together)
Chest: 0 (new measurement)
Calves: 0 (new measurement)

Total: -4 inches

I still can’t see a difference in any of my clothes, but the numbers don’t lie. My body is starting to change. And it’s having a wonderful impact on my mental health! I took this picture on Saturday morning, because I was having an “I feel pretty” day.


I’ve been having a lot of those lately, and it’s absolutely wonderful. I spent the last year in a fog of depression and doubt and self-loathing, so to actually be able to look in a mirror and say something positive about myself is a big fucking deal.

I spent yesterday doing another round of freezer cooking. I didn’t get as much made this time, in part because I have completely run out of freezer space and also because I didn’t plan super well and doing all of the shopping AND the cooking in the same day makes for a painful, exhausting afternoon/evening.

I’ll post later with information about my freezer cooking adventures, including recipes!


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